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COVID-19 Public Forum

A free community event where medical providers discuss COVID-19 early treatments, vaccines, and mandates.
Have you been looking for non-political, evidence-based, medical information about COVID-19?
Local experts with experience treating Shasta County COVID-19 patients for the past two years provide an overview of options for early treatment and answer your questions.


Provide thoughtful medical views and answers to questions.


Panel of local medical providers in Shasta County.


Shasta County residents of all ages, occupations, and viewpoints.

Open Letter from Medical Providers

An Open Letter has been published by a growing group of medical providers in Shasta County who are seeking open, scientific dialogue in pursuit of an evidence-based approach to COVID-19 in our region.
Read Open Letter

About the Forum

COVID-19 has massively affected the lives of our community and the world. Now, nearly two years later, the pandemic continues to disrupt so much of our daily lives including work, school, houses of worship, shopping, and even our social lives. Not to mention the political division that has surrounded it. With spikes in cases of COVID-19 and the new variants, medical providers in Shasta County want to offer a public forum to discuss the current treatment options and what has been learned thus far.

All are welcome to attend this free community event to hear from local doctors and providers who will discuss their experience treating COVID-19 and answer questions from the audience.

The confusion caused by misinformation threatens the ability to effectively respond to the pandemic and limits the public’s awareness of treatments. Because every person is unique—and responds to medicines and vaccines differently—good decisions can only be formulated when both patients and medical providers are informed and understand the topics at hand. Many have expressed interest in hearing from medical doctors in the local community in addition to the broader information available from public leaders and news outlets.

We invite the community to bring questions for discussion at this informational public forum with Shasta County healthcare professionals.


Part 1

2:00 PM


Current status of COVID-19 in Shasta County

1) Vaccines + Natural ImmunitY

  • Understanding the immune system, COVID-19 vaccines, and natural immunity

2) Treatments for COVID-19

  • Outpatient treatment options and early over-the-counter support

3) Vaccine Mandates

  • Discussion on the criteria and ethics of vaccine mandates

4) Light at the End of the Tunnel

  • Omicron variant and natural life cycle of viruses


3:15 PM

5) COVID-19 in Children

6) Emotional, Social, & Psychological Impact

  • Psychologist presentation: How vaccination status and masking impacts socialization and emotional growth of children

7) Current Status of Education Mandates

  • Testing, contact tracing, quarantining, and vaccination policies in education

8) Equal Education

  • How mandates impact education


3:30 PM

questions from the audience

The panel of medical providers will answer as many questions as possible in the time available.


Invitations to be part of the panel discussions have been sent to the following local specialists in Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Infectious Disease, Pediatrics, Psychology, & Public Health. We are awaiting responses from the panelists to confirm those who are available to join the panel.

(in alphabetical order):

Dr. Patricia Bay, Psy.D

Dr. Rob Hamilton, MD
Regenerative Medicine Specialist (formerly Emergency Medicine)

Dr. Amy Keurentjes, DO
Obstetrics & Gynecology

Dr. Kelly Kynaston, DO
Infectious Disease Specialist
(Not attending)

Dr. Richard Malotky, MD
Family Medicine Specialist

Dr. Matthew Miles, MD
Infectious Disease Specialist
(Not attending)

Dr. James Mu, MD
Family Medicine Specialist

Dr. Feoktist Orloff, MD
Family Medicine Specialist

Dr. Karen Ramstrom, DO, MSPH
Public Health Officer of Shasta County
(Provided video for viewing at event)

Dr. Craig Traugott, MD
Pediatrics (Allergy & Immunology, Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine)

Dr. Paul Dhanuka, MD

Internal Medicine & Gastroenterology, Former Chief of Medical Staff at Redding hospitals


DATE: Saturday, January 22, 2022
TIME: 2:00-4:00 PM (PT)
VENUE: 777 Loma Vista Dr, Redding, CA (map)
Pathway Church Main Auditorium
COST: Free
LIVESTREAM: Available here

Streaming now...
Watch video of forum


We are Shasta County healthcare professionals representing over 600 years of combined medical experience in the following fields:
• Physicians
• Nurse Practitioners
• Physician Assistants
• Pharmacists
• Nurses
• Dentists
• Orthodontists
• Psychologists
• and others working in healthcare

To read a declaration on an approach to COVID-19 shared at the forum, click the button below:
Medical Provider Declaration

Medical Providers Declaration

The medical providers organizing the public form declare the following:

  • COVID is a disease that has massively affected our lives, our family, our economy, our nation and the world.
  • We seek to go beyond the prevailing COVID and vaccine narratives and mainstream media by critically evaluating the science, data, and studies from both within and outside of our country.
  • At this stage in the pandemic, we do not feel that “one size fits all” and believe the vaccine and boosters need to be tailored appropriately.
  • We believe in the power of natural immunity.
  • We value freedom, so while we support appropriate use of vaccines, we are against blanket COVID vaccine mandates.
  • We believe in the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship as the primary context for making therapeutic decisions.
  • We believe that "informed consent" requires all information be presented so individuals can make up their own minds.
  • We are deeply concerned about the negative impact of the COVID vaccine mandates, especially on children.
  • We believe that no child or adult should be mandated to take a COVID vaccine in order to attend school or any other public function.


This is a non-political public forum focused on the topic of the medical approach to COVID-19. Attendees are asked to refrain from promoting any political affiliations or campaigns.

While most providers generally support the appropriate use of vaccines—including the COVID-19 vaccine—many are seeking to discuss the efficacy and ethics of COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

The perspectives offered by individual medical providers vary, and may not represent official positions of hospitals or entities where a provider gives care.

Views presented may not represent those of the hosting venue (Pathway Church) and forum questions should not be directed to Pathway.

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